​Details of the Offer


The base price is $3.30 per watt for all participants. This is more than a 20% discount off the average statewide price for residential homeowner-owned solar systems in Massachusetts which was $4.22 per watt in the second half of 2016 according to the Mass Clean Energy Center Production Tracking System.  

In addition to the base price, there are customer options, such as mid-efficiency or high-efficiency panels, and site-specific cost modifiers as detailed below.  This allows for both the best possible cost-per-watt for everyone, as well as value-added options as appropriate.

For a standard two-collector pre-heat solar hot water system, the base price is $8,008 for all participants. According to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the average statewide price for a two-collector system is $10,874, making this program's price more than 25% off the current average statewide price.  

In addition to this base solar hot water system, there are customer options available for additional collectors, a web-based monitoring system, etc. Incentives such as tax credits and cash rebates apply to both the base system and options. 

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To get started, email neighborhoodsolar@sunbugsolar.com.