• Cost Modifiers

In addition to the customer selectable packages, the program has these site-specific cost modifiers:

  • Very Small Systems (12 panels or fewer): individually priced
  • Small Systems (13-16 panels): $0.75 per watt adder for increased balance of systems
  • Large Systems (31 panels or more): $0.25 discount
  • Detached Building: individually priced
  • Pole or Ground mount racking: $0.95 per watt, system must be 24 panels or greater
  • Electrical trenching from detached building: individually priced     
  • Non-adjacent arrays: $750 adder, for each additional array section
  • Membrane roof: $0.30 adder per watt for attached racking
  • Membrane roof ballast racking: $0.20 adder per watt, available for systems 16 panels or more only
  • Standing seam metal roof: $0.05 adder per watt
  • Slate and tile and metal shingle roof systems: individually priced
  • Walk-able roof discount: $0.10 discount  per watt for roofs 5/12 pitch or lower
  • Very steep roof: $0.10 adder per watt for roofs 10/12 pitch or steeper     
  • Tall roof: $0.10 adder per watt for roofs requiring 40ft ladders or lifts
  • Reinforcing rafters: $40 adder per rafter, for wood frame pitched roofs with attic access only
  • Relocation of vent pipe: $500 fixed adder, pitched roofs, PVC pipe with attic access only

  • Electric panel upgrade: $1,400 fixed adder, as needed if existing is undersized or older
  • Electrical service upgrade: $2,800 fixed adder, as needed if existing service is undersized
  • Electrical sub-panel: $400 fixed adder, may be required if panel is full
  • Meter socket upgrade: $500 as required by inspector
  • Combiner panel for multiple inverters: $200 fixed adder
  • Exterior inverter: $500 discount if inverter is installed outside on existing wall
  • Interior conduit run: no charge, as is included when possible on every system
  • System Monitoring: no charge, as is included on every system
  • Consumption Monitoring: $500 adder
  • SMART meter: no charge, included on every system when needed
  • Micro-inverters or DC optimizers: no charge, included on every system
  • Snow Guards: $75 per panel, as requested by customer or suggested by SunBug. 4 panel minimum
  • Critter Guards: $55 per panel, as requested by customer or suggested by SunBug. Full perimeter only
  • Extended inverter warranty (25 years): $0.10 adder per watt, as requested by customer
  • Enhanced product warranty: $750 for arrays up to 30 panels, $1,000 for arrays from 31-49 panels, $1,200 for arrays 50 panels or more

To get started with a free evaluation and proposal, email neighborhoodsolar@sunbugsolar.com.